Venison is almost at the end of its season, before its gone, try this delicious recipe!

Venison is a delicious meat and wonderfully ethical as most UK venison is from deer that roam freely rather than intensively farmed. The meat is tender, close textured and tasty, adding something special to the simplest of recipes.


Roast Loin of Venison with Crotin De Chevre and Asparagus Salad


1 x saddle of venison (all fat, sinew and silver skin removed) cut onto 200g – 220g barrel shaped pcs

1 x marinated individual goats cheese (olive oil,1x sprig of thyme, 5x juniper berries, 1 x clove garlic sliced, 1 x chopped chilli)

4 x sticks of asparagus peeled, blanched

75g cooked lentils de puy

100ml red wine 50ml red wine vinegar reduced by 2/3rds

Pinch of thyme leaves blanched

Tablespoon of fine brunoise of carrot and celeriac cooked in duck fat


Seal the venison loin in a hot pan with a table spoon of vegetable oil and a knob of butter.
Once the venison is coloured remove from the pan allow to cool then wrap up in cling film to create a barrel shape. Place into the fridge for at least 1 hour to allow to set.
Place the cheese onto a pan and pop into a pre heated oven for around 2-3 min.
Remove from the oven and with a blow gun colour the top of the cheese.
Mix the lentils with the reduced red wine and vinegar, carrots, celeriac and thyme. Place onto the plate, slice the venison and place on top. Drizzle with the dressing
Place the goats cheese on top of the asparagus and serve.


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