Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Christmas Pudding. It’s far easier to make than most people assume, so there’s no excuse for shop bought!

What you’ll need:

150g Chopped suet (vegetarian suet is fine)
150g Raisins
150g Sultanas
220g Currants
150g Mixed peel
150g Dark sugar
20g Prune purée
45g Soft flour
5g Caster sugar
5g Ground almonds
60g Flaked almonds
150g Breadcrumbs
½ Lemon, zested and juiced
½ Orange, zested and juiced
100ml Guinness
300ml Brandy
150ml Rum
1 Very Large egg (or 75g worth of eggs)

Mix all the fruit, including the prune purée and together, and leave to marinate in alcohol for at least 5 days.  In a separate bowl, mix all dry ingredients together before mixing with the wet ingredients. Stir well. This is the time to give the Pudding a wish whilst you stir! Now add the eggs.

At the very last minute, carefully fold in the suet. Be gentle, but ensure that the suet is well incorporated. Place into a greased pudding bowl, before covering with foil and steaming for 3 ½ hours.


And there you have it! Surprising simple, yet utterly delicious Christmas Pudding to delight friends and family. It’s sure to make you the culinary talk of the house this Christmas. Goes perfectly with a grand helping of brandy butter or rum sauce, delicious!



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