The Richard Phillips Partnership_DSC0112 (RPP) is an initiative started as a response to the acute skills shortage in the hospitality industry in Kent.

It’s always been a stereotype that we don’t know how to do service properly in this country. I don’t think that that is necessarily true (I’m very proud of the staff I have in my restaurants), but I have noticed that it can be difficult to find the diamonds among the rough.

That’s why I started the RPP. The RPP is an alliance network which will create and encourage excellence in staff training and service across front and back of house. We give our candidates the very best onsite training, mentoring and masterclasses and make it worth our partners’ while with unique collaborative marketing opportunities, PR, recruitment and improved purchasing power through membership of the network.

We want to create an outstanding culture of excellence in the industry across the county, and establish a unique network of dedicated RPP partners who all have the same end goal – to provide the highest standard of training in our region and achieve nationally recognised qualifications. This will allow us to develop a talent pool of exceptional staff for our partners, and therefore improve the local hospitality industry immeasurably.

To achieve our goal we’ve developed a1-3 year onsite training and mentoring programmed. Consistent tutor-lead education will be given at each of our partner sites and regularly assessed. There will also be additional on and offline training modules available.

Staff looking to train with us will have access to exemplary hospitality training placements working with the very best chefs, restaurants and hotels across Kent and the surrounding counties. This will help them into careers at highly reputable partner properties.

The training will be available to both existing staff and young people seeking their start in the industry.

Our Mission Statement:

  • To create a network of excellence working with key industry partners and chefs.
  • To train the next generation of back and front of house staff​ and retain and reward them within the partnership network.
  • To improve qualifications, enhance career progression and training for existing staff members.
  • To promote hospitality as a career​ and ​provide a secure support network.

We look forward to working with our staff and partners in 2015. To find out more, or get involved, click here. 

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