Earlier this year I had an amazing time cooking at gourmet week in Courchevel. I hadn’t been there since the 90’s and was very excited to ski there again. Now that the ski season is approaching I thought of no better time than to share (in no particular order) six reasons to ski this winter.

1. The surroundings are magnificent. The glorious mountains, wherever you go, ski resorts are surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Six Reasons To Ski This Winter

2. It’s a great way to brighten up the winter, trade miserable English weather for crisp fresh snow!

3.Most people look better in a ski suit than a swim suit so theres no need to worry about your beach body!

Six Reasons Reasons To Ski

4. The food is amazing, Gourmet week or not, traditional ski meals, raclette in France, bratwurst in Germany or apfelstrudel in Austria. There is nothing better than treating yourself to local delicacies after burning a bunch of calories on the slopes. Which brings me on to number 5.

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5. Skiing is great exercise! and it’s so fun you won’t even notice. Winter can be a lethargic time so an active holiday can really break up the long dark season.

6. There’s loads of opportunity to meet new people, and thats always fun!

six reasons to ski this winter 1