We’re doing our best to keep providing you with new and interesting events at Pearson’s Arms in 2016, on top of our usual regular live music and food deals.

We’ve just had a special Burns Night offer on the 25th – whisky tasting and traditional Scottish food.

We plan to keep that ball rolling into St Patrick’s Day on Thursday 17th of March. We’ll have live music, cocktails, oysters, dancing and of course… plenty of Guinness.

Then, on Thursday 19th of May we’ll have a gin master class! Gin tasting with help from some experts, along with food, for just £15 per person.

Lastly, on Thursday 20th October we’re having a special Kentish Ale night. A master class and tasting, again with food, for just £15 per person.

And throughout the year, we’ll be continuing our fabulous cocktail making masterclasses.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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