Until now it has not been possible to sample vintage wines by the glass, but the fine wine revolution is here!

A brand new device called the Coravin has been developed by Greg Lambrecht, a very talented wine enthusiast. He was inspired by his desire to drink a glass of wine without opening the whole bottle, leaving it to spoil. After 14 years of development in his basement, he has created a tool which can extract wine from a bottle without letting in the oxygen, sealing the wines freshness.

Coravin works by inserting a long needle through the foil and cork. It is then possible to access as much or as little wine as required. The remaining space is then filled with inert argon gas from a cylinder within the system. When the needle is extracted, the springy cork reseals itself leaving just a minute pinprick in the foil.
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The wine remaining in an accessed bottle will continue to age naturally, so it can be returned to months or even years later. When stored properly, accessed wine will be indistinguishable from an unopened bottle.

Blind taste tests have been conducted with bottles previously accessed with the Coravin System compared to unopened control bottles from the same case with master sommeliers, masters of wine, and winemakers themselves. They were not able to distinguish between previously accessed bottles and untouched controls. The Coravin is a true game changer for restaurants and bars, plus those who enjoy fine wines!

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Thackeray’s is excited to introduce this technology to our diners, we can now offer you a singular glass of our best wines rather than having to purchase the bottle.  This is especially exciting for our new Spring Tasting Menus, where you can sample aged to perfection fine wines by the glass paired to perfection with each course.