Chef Will is back with another fantastic desert recipe! Get your chef’s hat on and give this a whirl…


Serves 8-10

175g shortbread biscuits

1 x Lemon (grated)

1 piece of crystallised ginger (finely chopped)

1x vanilla pod (seeds removed)

50g butter (melted, but not warm)

250g good quality melted white chocolate

350g full fat cream cheese (Philadelphia)

150g fromage frais

225g strawberries, diced

To Garnish

100ml Strawberry Couli

X12 whole strawberries for garnish

10 mint leaves


Place the shortbread biscuits into a bowl and using the end of a rolling pin, bash them until they resemble breadcrumbs. Add the melted butter, chopped ginger and lemon zest. Mix

Now place into a 20cm spring form cake tin and press firmly into the base. Place into the fridge to set. Melt the white chocolate in a bowl over a bain-marie. Allow the chocolate to cool slightly.

Meanwhile beat together the cream cheese and fromage frais and vanilla seeds until smooth and thick. Add the strawberries to the cheese mixture and the melted white chocolate and mix gently. Spoon the filling into the biscuit case. Level the top and chill for minimum of 4 hours until set.

To Serve

Cut a wedge and garnish with a few strawberries, a drizzle of couli and fine strips of fresh mint leaves.


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, Josefine Linnea Jonsson