One year after their first brew I thought there would be no better time to have a chat with Tony, half of the founding Musket Brewery team.

The brewery was started by friends Mark and Tony who sang in the church choir together. Tony had been made redundant and was looking for a new career path so the pair turned to their home brewing hobby to start a new way of life, that of a brewer! After many discussions with each other, friends and family they saved their pennies and decided to take the plunge. They ordered a brewing kit and got started!

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The musket name was inspired by images of an era where chivalry, courtesy, attention to detail, commitment, honour and traditional values were paramount. These classic values continue to be the founding principles of the brewery.

How is it made you ask? Firstly, crushed barley malt is soaked in hot water in a big container until a hot brown sticky liquid is formed called wort. The wort is then boiled and hops are added to thicken the liquid. Later, more hops are added to create a distinctive aroma. The liquid is then put in a fermentation vessel and yeast is added. The beer is left to ferment for 5 days before it is transferred into a barrels called firkins. The firkins are left to rest for a week in a cold store at 10 degrees. The beer is then ready to be enjoyed by all!
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You may have noticed that this is not a long process, this is because the brewery is not very big and they produce just 20 firkins per brew. This obviously makes Musket beers extra special. Tony and Mark are currently preparing themselves for their next physically demanding brew next week. They usually start a brew at around 6am and do not finish until 9 or 10pm. Although being a brewer is hard work Tony can’t emphasise enough how enjoyable and rewarding his job is.

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I had a great time talking to Tony and I must say they are artists! Make sure you pop into Pearson’s or The Windmill soon to try it for yourself.

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