At the Windmill and Pearson’s we pride ourselves on our quality UK brewed beers. Though some of our customers are quite the connoisseurs of beers and ales, I thought I’d give you all a run down of one of our beer suppliers.

Sharps Brewers of Rock, Cornwall provide us with the magnificent Doom Bar Beer, they say that “It’s distinctive aroma and balanced flavour set it apart from other beers taking unsuspecting first time drinkers by surprise with its moreish appeal” and I couldn’t put it better myself!


They truly are experts in their field, their head Brewer Carl Heron has more than 30 years experience and Stuart Howe, Head of Craft Brewing and Innovation completed a Brewing and Distilling honours degree and has won various awards.

If your not already impressed by the brewers alone here’s some more facts about Sharps, home of the doom bar.

  1. The Doom Bar is actually a sand bank found where the river Camel meets the Atlantic Ocean. The doom bar has been met with respect and trepidation by sailors for centuries due to its unforgiving nature.
  2. When it comes to the environment Sharps make sure nothing goes to waste!
    • A local dairy herd consumes thirty tonnes of their spent grain every week.
    • Hungry pigs devour almost five tonnes of protein rich Sharp’s yeast per week.
    • Many of their empty bottles are collected from across Cornwall and turned into drinking glasses by the Green Glass Company.
    • Cornish beef cows drink up to 30 litres of waste beer per week and you know what that means…drunk cows!


  3. Sharps Brewery has won a bunch of awards!
    • Regional winner of the Morning Advertiser ‘Great British Pub Supplier Award’, 2009 and 2010
    • International Beer Challenge World Top 50 Beer 2006
    • Bronze medal winner, Publican Licensees Choice Awards, 2010
    • International Beer Challenge 2011, Bronze
    • International Beer Challenge 2012, Bronze
    • PMA Publican’s Choice Award – National Cask Ale brand 2013
    • Taste of the West Award 2013, Bronze
    • Brussels Beer Challenge 2013 – Pale & Amber Ale : Bitter, Bronze
    • Taste of the West Award 2014, Silver
  4. Sharps Brewery don’t own or run any pubs, hotels or restaurants so they can focus all their energy on brewing the best beer, obviously!

It really is no surprise that the Doom Bar is a truly delicious beer pleasing the pallet of all beer drinkers regardless of their experience. It is no surprise that The Windmill and Pearson’s Arms are proud to serve the Doom Bar beer! So come and wet your whistle!

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