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One of our regular suppliers are Rickwood’s of Bearsted located just 38 minutes away from Pearson’s Arms and just 5 minutes from The Windmill. Not only are the butchers local but so is the meat they prepare.

Rickwoods started around 40 years ago as a family run business. In the last fifteen years they have joined forces with another family, W.J. Crouch Butchers in order to expand the company. This family ethic is evident in all areas of the company. The staff are all the kind and helpful and give the utmost care and attention to the work they do and most importantly, the quality of the meat can only come from the love and passions of family spirit.

All the beef used for Steak and Wine on a Tuesday at the Windmill and a Thursday at Pearson’s is cured for 35 days. This is done by hanging the meat in a temperature controlled curer until the beef has relaxed and acquired a richer flavour. Explaining the succulent and tender beef devoured by all once it reaches the pub plate.


The butchers also run their own delicatessen counter, selling all their wares including the bread they bake themselves, their home cured bacon and a selection of hams. So if you can’t get enough of their amazing produce, get yourself down to Bearsted and stock your fridge with more of Rickwood’s specialities.

Rickwood’s source the meat from local farms within a radius of about 20 miles. This means they can ensure the cows are grass fed and they maintain low food miles in manufacture. Kent cows in Kent fields to a Kent butcher making its wonderful way to our Kent pubs.

Rickwood’s really is the definition of the traditional butchers, their techniques have been passed down through the generations.


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