21st Feb – 1st Mar 2015 is the best time to indulge in the freshest seafood delights, with tasting events, cookery schools, demonstrations, live music and more!

Everyone gets involved at this brilliant event with local restaurants serving the Rye Bay Scallops.

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The Scallops themselves have been found in the area for centuries. This tradition is protected with local by laws that restrict the fisherman from harvesting their scallop catch from November 1st to 30th April. These rules are strictly followed by Rye’s small fleet of under 10 metre RX registered boats. In addition to these precautions, the sea beds are regularly checked and allowed to regenerate when necessary as well as size restrictions, allowing smaller scallops in the water for future years.

“… the harvesting of scallops in Sussex is one of the most stringent in terms of restrictions etc. The East Channel scallop fishery is a productive one, so that coupled with a responsible, abiding industry, should certainly pave the way to sustainability!” Quote from Sustainable Fisheries Development Officer.

This means you can devour as many scallops as you like over the festival absolutely guilt free! 

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Some fun scallop facts for you:

  • “The cheapest sea-towne for provision of fish for our house.” King Charles 1, 1628 speaking of Rye
  • Did you know that Rye’s fishing fleet moors almost two miles from the sea?
  • There are more than 300 species of scallop in the world!
  • You can tell the age of a scallop by its shell, one ring forms each year
  • Scallops can be traced back 300 million years in fossil form
  • The scallop is a mollusc and the only bivalve that can swim
  • The scallop is an excellent source of protein, calcium, iron and vitamin B12
  • The orange roe in a scallop is called coral

We love scallops and serve them at all three of our sites!

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Why not try and cook them at home for yourself, here’s a video of me preparing my some great dishes at Thackeray’s starting with an excellent starter of scallops.