East hall farm provide us with the delicious beetroot we use at The Windmill. 

Beetroot can be easily associated with the pickled beetroot that have an overpowering vinegar flavour. However, fresh beetroot has a sweet slightly earthy flavour and a smooth, velvety texture. These characteristics make beetroot perfect for salads and even juices. 

The origins of beetroot lie with wild seabeet, a coastline native from as far away as India to Britain. This was originally a carrot-shaped root and the leaves were the only part that was eaten. The beetroot as we know it was developed around the sixteenth century gaining popularity in Europe a few hundred years later. 


We find beetroot compliments a variety of dishes:

  • Local Smoked Pigeon Breast Salad, East Hall Farm Beetroot, Roasted Baby Onions
  • Carpaccio of Baked Beetroot, Sussex Goat’s Cheese Mousse with Local Honey & Pine Nuts, Walnut Dressing (V
  • Butter Poached Brixham Plaice with Caper & Raisin Puree, Roasted Beetroot, Salsify, Toasted Hazelnuts, Red Wine Sauce
  • Warm Salad of Quail’s Egg, Smoked Tomato, Mushroom, Salt Baked Beetroot


A really easy way to transform your beetroot is to Salt Bake it.

You just need 1250g Salt  and 175g Egg whites (4-5 egg whites). Whisk the salt and egg whites until even mixed and light and fluffy and coat each beetroot with the mixture. Then bake the beetroot in the oven. 

Salt baking removes the excess moisture leaving the beautiful flavour of the beetroot with added seasoning.


Beetroot also works really well with:

  • Goats Cheese- ( Diced in to a salad with pine nuts and mixed wild leaves)
  • Smoked Fish ( Salmon, Trout, Mackerel)
  • Flat Fish On the Bone ( Plaice, Skate)
  • Raw grated into a coleslaw ( Summer)
  • It can also be made in to a puree for a sauce ( Mayonnaise, Chutney, Soups)
  • Or baked, sliced Thin, floured and deep fried as beetroot crisps